Cartagena: The Ultimate Adventure on a Budget πŸŒ΄

after a super busy 2019, i was hoping to end the year with an amazing trip with my girls, Ashleigh and Jasmine. i wanted to find a place where we could let loose, relax and have some amazing adventures all in one. now we all know that vacay isn’t cheap and since i want what i want when i want it (but never wanna spend a ton for it), i knew i had to find a place where i could do all three for the low. i’d seen a ton of people going to Cartagena lately and it always looked like a good time. and with a conversion rate of over 3,000 Colombian pesos per 1 US dollar i was def sold πŸ€‘ and i wasn’t disappointed!

the hotel: the Intercontinental

we opted to stay in Bocagrande which is the more modern part of the city. it’s also super safe and home to some hotels you’d recognize from home such as the Intercontinental. the hotel was gorgeous and featured a huge infinity pool over looking the beach. the room was spacious and had tons of extra sitting space. all in all i was happy with it but i will say the wifi was TRASH. it almost ruined my life but thankfully my international plan kicked in. the room was also super cheap. we stayed for a full week for just under $100 dollars a night. unheard of! they are pretty strict about how many people are in the room so make sure you book for the right number. we had to sneak Ash in through the mall lmao (we weren’t beat for that extra $30 a night for a 3rd person, boughetto fab af).

the islands

by far my favorite adventure was travelling to Isla del Rosario. there are several islands that are about an hour boat ride off of the main city. it’s pretty smooth for the most part, except when the captain let my friend Jazz drive and i got hit by a whole wave πŸŒŠπŸ™ƒ. this is where you’re gonna see the white sand, aqua water, private cabanas and anything else you’ve seen on a Real Housewives trip. legit felt like i was in a movie scene the entire time. there’s several different packages you can buy but ours was $80 pp for the boat there and back, lunch, a private cabana and a welcome drink (you can def find cheaper). if you’re a seafood lover like me, you should skip lunch and find one of the local fishermen. they catch lobsters and crabs πŸ¦žπŸ¦€ and grill it for you right on the beach. i think lobster is ruined for me for life now. the lobster costs about $35 for the tail (although my guy had a crush and gave me two). trust me, Catch ain’t got shit on my mans! the best part is, since it’s cheap you can check out a couple different islands while you’re there.

the Old City

one of my favorite days was one where i didn’t even have to spend any money. we spent the day roaming around the old city which is home to tons of murals, art and beautifully colored buildings. we did our own little Instagram tour – trust me you do NOT need to pay someone to show you around. you’ll find the perfect picture pretty much anywhere, just start in the center and work your way out. there’s also tons of cute restaurants in the area, including a rooftop boozy brunch πŸ₯‚ (yes, a NY girl’s dream!) called Townhouse which you can check out in the video below.

all in all, everything is pretty cheap in Cartagena. this means you can eat good, do all the excursions, jet ski, get a massage and allat! me and my girls def had an amazing time and i would definitely recommend it for any kind of trip. for more pics check out my travel inspo page here.

xO kirsten 🌸

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