All About Boughetto Fab

about kirsten aneké


who is kirsten aneké? i’m a jersey girl currently living in LA, working as an influencer marketing manager by day and blogger by night. my mission is to encourage women to embrace their natural selves and live the fabulous life they deserve without going broke trying to do it. a true girly girl, i love all things sparkly, shimmery, or blinged out! hobbies include shopping, writing, drinking champagne and travelling.

Instagram: @kiki_aneke Email:

here’s what you can expect on the site:

sittin pretty – get that natural glow, or at least natural looking glow, by checking out my skincare recommendations and natural beauty tips. the focus is not on transformation; it’s about enhancing the beauty you already have.

jetsetter – this is where i’ll be sharing my travel tips and recaps of my trips. i’ll be letting you know the best places to hit for a great deal including where to party, where to eat and what to do. you can also find exclusive pics of me and my (super cute) friends here as well.

hella fly – what is life without a bit of flare? this section is dedicated to style: fashion and home décor. smart shopping but make it bougie. i’ll tell you where to go for high quality at prices that you won’t mind paying.

snap gallery – a collage of photography all captured by yours truly. refreshed on a random basis so be sure to check back!

in case you were wondering what’s boughetto fab?

adjective |ˈbo͞oZH·et·toe fab|- describes someone who seeks to enjoy the finer things in life while sticking to a budget

these are my ladies who can enjoy a weekend sipping wine in the Hamptons or twerking in 2 Chainz’ pink traphouse. as long as it sounds like fun, we’re probably down and will come to slay. whatever the occasion, we expect it to be top notch and never settle for less! we live our best lives and experience the best life has to offer, regardless of the amount of zeroes in our bank accounts. if you love to live a life of luxury but aren’t willing (or able, let’s be honest) to spend thousands of dollars doing so, then you came to the right place. welcome to the boughetto fab life!